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Bright, Fast, Loud, and Fun. This game stands out from all others- and not just because of it's outlandish artwork, though that's probably the first reason you'd notice it. One of the most original art schemes, the game's theme is based (loosely) around the Cirqus and M. Voltaire. Using the 'Volt' in Voltaire, the designer- Popaduik- combined electricity with the performers and actors of the original Cirqus.
     A fast game, combined with the skill needed to prove yourself so you can join the Cirqus, gives you Cirqus Voltaire.

News: April 16, 2002 - Cirqus Voltaire fans, your prayers have been answered!
Cirqus Voltaire Revision 2.0 (Home Version) Game ROM.
Look under the Tech Stuff Section for all the juicy details!!!!

Cirqus Voltaire (CV) /No. 4059/
Midway Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Inc.
October 1997, 4 players
4 players (Information courtesy of IPD)
  Trade name: Bally
  Model number: 50062
  Theme: Show Business
  Design: John Popadiuk
  Art: Linda Deal
  Graphics: Adam Rhine
  Sound: Rob Berry
  Music: Rob Berry

Here is the advertisement flyer for Cirqus Voltaire
Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

  • Cirqus Voltaire and the CV logo are 1998 Williams Electronics Games, Inc.
  • Bally and Cirqus Voltaire are ™ Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

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