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Owner's List

Addition FormPlease complete this form and hit the 'submit' button. I'll receive the data, and when I get a chance will update the list. Simple, eh? All fields are required, except for the Contact and Sample. If a contact is given, the link will be added to the name in the list. For the DOM (Date of Manufacture), please use the bar code label on the back of the cabinet, below the backbox. (The Laser-printed information label, not the FCC one.) The date is the second to last line on the label, right above the Warranty line. After hitting Submit, you will be returned to the Owners List


[Please enter your e-mail address]
Owner's Name
[Either your name, or a company's name (ex. Malibu Grand Prix)]
Game's Serial Number
[Please enter in all 11 digits!]
Game's DOM (Date of Manufacture)
[Use the Stamped date on the FCC compliance label. It's located on either the rear of the cabinet, or on the inside of the cabinet on the right side]
Game's Location
[City, State, or City, Country.]
Use of Game At Home 
On Location 
[Wether it's used at Home, or on Location making money.]
Sample Game? Yes 
[If the game has no 'SPIN' on the blue lights, if the game has a Marvel named 'CRANK', or if the game has printed mylar stickers on the playfield. For other differences between the Sample and Production version of Cirqus Voltaire, check here.] 
Neon Color?
[The color of your Neon Ramp when illuminated. If you have a color that isn't listed. Please let me know in the Note box below.]
Ball Color?
[The color of your Menagerie Ball. If a color isn't listed, let me know in the Note box below.]
Backbox Frames? Yes 
[Wether or not you have the purple backbox frame pieces for your game.]
Notes to Me
[These notes won't appear in the list. They're purely to send a message to me.]

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