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DFW Pinball E-mail List
DFW Pinball E-mail List

Mesquite, Texas - Pinball
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Dallas & Fort Worth
Pinball/Arcade E-mail List

Welcome to the sign up page for the Dallas & Fort Worth Pinball/Arcade e-mail list.  

This e-mail list is provided for residence in the north Texas area to communicate one another on the topics of pinball, arcade games and other coin operated related equipment. Currnetly the DFW Pinball/Arcade E-mail list has over 200 subscribers.

E-mails sent to the address: dfw@hassellcastle.com will be read by everyone subscribed on the list. Subscription to the list is free of charge, but only registered users of the list may post messages. 

Please keep all posts on topic (ie: pinball, arcade games, etc.)

Vulgar or missuse of dfw@hassellcastle.com, will result in your expulsion from using the e-mail list. 

Because not all members of the DFW E-mail list have a fast connection, please refrain from posting messages that include attachments (ie: pictures, videos, etc.)  If you want to show a picture of the item you are writing about in your post. Please host the images on your ISP and send the hyperlink in your message. 

Feel free to post messages requesting to buy games, games for sale and trade offers. Ebay posts are acceptable, but please keep them to a minimal.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, simply send me a message here.