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Theatre of Magic became a permanent part of the Hassell Castle Collection in December of 1999. I acquired this machine from a local arcade that was selling it at a price that could not be beat, $950! I can tell that I am the second owner of this machine by it's pristine condition. It came with all the literature, extra slingshot plastics, stickers and promo plasticsl.

The only thing Theatre of Magic needed when I brought it home was a new Magic Trunk cover which I've already replaced and have one to spare for the future since I'm sure these won't be available forever and they tend to break easily.

Since I've had my Theatre of Magic I've done some customization to it. I've installed Gold Side Rails, legs, leg bolts and lockdown bar. Who said "The Addams Family" was the only machine to come in gold. 

I've also enhanced the sounds of my Theatre of Magic by installing the Pinball Pro Subwoofer Kit. This subwoofer and built in amplifier replaces the speaker commonly found in the bottom of the cabinet. Now my Theatre of Magic rocks the house with deep bass.

The Tiger Saw now spins!!!! Tom Callahan of The Repair Connection has designed a kit that will make the Tiger Spin saw blade spin like it was meant to. Check out his website for the full details and pricing. I've added it to mine and it really brings the playfield to life. Thanks, Tom for designing such a wonderful kit!

liltomfield.gif (20078 bytes)This game is extremely challenging and I have yet to beat it. In my opinion, Theatre of Magic  features some of the neatest innovations in newer pinball technology. Theatre of Magic is considered to be one of the top most earning pinball machines currently, and I can see why.

  • liltrunk.gif (8174 bytes)The most interesting and one of a kind features of Theatre of Magic is the revolving trunk.  After two balls have been locked and the trunk is struck by the ball,  the ball raises from the playfield and becomes magnetized to the side of the trunk and then disappears around back.

  • lilspiritring.gif (6459 bytes)There is a ball levitating "Spirit Ring" where the ball is levitated above the playfield through a ring.

  • "Hocus Pocus" - A feature similar to Magna Save on the Black Knight Series but the pinball machine can sense on it's own when the ball passes over it and saves you from an outlane drain.

  • liltigersaw.gif (32003 bytes)"Tiger Saw" - Although the animation to this feature only worked on the prototype version of Theatre of Magic due to safety reasons. It is still a neat addition attraction to the playfield. Split the pinball, with the "Tiger Saw" to begin Mulit-ball!

Theatre of Magic (ToM) /No. 2845/ Midway Mfg. Co., a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Inc., March 28, 1995, 4 players (Information courtesy of IPD)
  Trade name: Bally
  Model number: 50039
  Theme: Show Business
  Design: John Popadiuk
  Art: Linda Deal
  Graphics: Brian Morris, Adam Rhine
  Software: Jeff Johnson
  Sound: Dave Zabriskie
  Music: Dave Zabriskie
Stupendous displays of spellbinding power!
Amazing acts of enchantment!
Theres More...Than Meets the Eye.
Its Got that Magic Touch.
It can even make money appear out of thin air.
Enter Into a New Age of Pinball

Here is the advertisement flyer for Theatre of Magic
Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

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